Fig and Barolo Jam


Fig and Barolo jam is made with the king of wines, which enhances the flesh of the figs. Goes well with semi-mature and extra-mature cheeses, as well as spicy cheeses. Excellent with aged Robiola di Roccaverano, Bra Duro, Castelmagno and Taleggio, but can also be spread on bread for breakfast or at teatime, or for delicious tarts.


350 g

Pieces per carton:


Brand: Meraviglie del Gusto

The Marennes Oléron region has excellent natural conditions for oyster farming: pure waters and a large basin in the shadow of the island of Oléron, fed with nutrients by the succession of tides, a combination that produces particularly tasty oysters. It is here that Wonders of Taste selects the best oysters, destined not only for starred restaurants but for all those who want to savor a product of excellence. The port of Mazara del Vallo, one of the most important as far as the sale of local or imported fish specialties is concerned, has been chosen by ""Le Meraviglie del Gusto"" to select the finest varieties of fresh fish, such as scampi or red shrimp. The high quality of raw materials is guaranteed by the processing carried out on site. Products are preserved using the most advanced freezing techniques.