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Brand: Sanfilippo

Cantabrian anchovies are considered the best in the world. And yet this tradition stems originally from Italy. The Sicilian fishermen who came to Cantabria were the first to realize that there was an anchovy fillet there, larger than they had ever seen before. They demonstrated their processing techniques and set up canneries including Sanfilippo in 1896, which still today is the only company to cure its anchovies in salt for two years before processing them entirely by hand and canning them in oil. Sanfilippo Anchovies “seguramente son las mejores anchoas de España” (“definitely the best anchovies in Spain” - Carlos Maribona - Abc Gastronomia) The finest anchovies since 1896. When at the end of the 19th century, the first Sicilians specialised in processing salted anchovies in the ports of the Cantabrian coast, Sanfilippo was already one of them. From that pioneer, four generations have continued with this precious work without interruption, single-mindedly building this product. The processes are 100% traditional and artisan. Only large salted anchovies, without exception, are used to produce the fillets in oil, cured for two years in cans, cleaned and packed one by one with the utmost care and attention by specialist staff. “Tiras” anchovies are whole fillets of around 13cm in length; “Bocados” are the central parts of the fillet.