Voghiera Black Garlic cream


The aroma and taste of freshly peeled garlic can be found in this cream which is ideal as a condiment but also excellent spread on bread.


70 g

Pieces per carton:


Brand: Nero Fermento

Nero Fermento is an innovative company and a collaboration between two established enterprises: one specialising in the production of Voghiera garlic PDO and the other involved in the energy and environmental field through the development of technologies to guarantee the sustainability of production processes. Nero Fermento expresses the ideal synergy between quality agriculture and technological research, enhancing the value of premium 100% Made in Italy products. Black garlic, originating from Asian culture, is the result of a fermentation process that turns the normal intense and pungent aroma into a milder flavour and makes the cloves more tender and easier to digest. Voghiera Black Garlic is the result of a natural fermentation process, exclusively using bulbs of Voghiera garlic PDO. They are fermented in humid conditions, at a controlled temperature, for at least 60 days.