Bonito del Norte tuna in olive oil – 250 g

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Fished in the Cantabrian Sea, these tunas are the most popular on the market, as they are smaller in size; they are cleaned by hand and cut with a knife.


120 g | 250 g

Pieces per carton:


Brand: La Brujula

Galicia is renowned for its canning industry: an unrivalled tradition. The region lies at the western tip of Europe and extends to the Atlantic Ocean. Its fish canning industry dates back to the 1800s, when an artisan production system was developed to preserve fish and enhance its flavour. La Brujula, based close to the sea in Galicia, is a company specialized in canning of fish and food preserves. Its products are seen as precious delicacies that retain their freshness and can be enjoyed at any time. The most sophisticated technologies, such as sterilising the cans in an autoclave, combine perfectly with artisan production that involves manually filling cans, making them unique. An excellent model to follow.