Bresaola with low salt

Brand: Paganoni


Registered trademark product, obtained from the heart of the ‘punta d’anca’ (tip of the hip), selected and trimmed to ensure its thinness. Produced according to an innovative production process which allows the reduction of the salt content, preserving its taste.


80 g (pre-sliced)

Brand: Paganoni

Valtellina is a land of excellence, with its terracing “anchored” to the mountainside to create wonderful wines, and its microclimate, with its hanges in temperature and humidity, excellent conditions for curing such a unique meat as bresaola, made from veal, both flavoursome and extremely lean. Paganoni has been curing meats for three generations and its origins are firmly rooted in the tradition and art of Valtellina cured meat production. Founded in the 80s by Paride Paganoni, it soon became one of the most renowned producers of bresaola in the Valtellina area, and in 2001 it joined the Consortium for the Protection of Bresaola della Valtellina PGI. The company has moved from its small establishment in Caiolo to its new site in Chiuro, but the passion for the work, the careful selection of raw materials and the artisan processes remain the elements that have enabled it to constantly improve and to expand also beyond the Valtellina area.