Calamarata rigata

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Pasta of the pasta factory Basilia – calamarata rigata
Lengthy kneading process, the bronze dying, the rolling out of the dough, which is still done by hand onto wooden trays, and the drying process at low temperatures for 36 hours.
The Lucan pasta factory Basilia is a company that wants us to rediscover the old, forgotten flavours like that of its pasta, which is made with 100% local, Italian wheat.
The respect for the artisanal working process and the attentive selection of high-quality raw materials give added value to this product, which can be found in short forms as well as long or linked to the territory.


500 g

Brand: Pastificio Basilia

Basilia, a Lucanian pasta factory, is a company that wants to rediscover forgotten ancient flavors such as those of its pasta made with 100% Italian KM0 wheat. It uses old-fashioned artisan techniques starting with semolina obtained by extraction, not industrial, in order to keep intact all the organoleptic properties that give the "nutritional" flavor to this food. To continue with slow kneading, bronze drawing, rolling out, still done by hand, on wooden frames and drying at low temperatures for 36 hours. Respect for artisanal processes and attention to the selection of a raw material of the highest quality are the added values of this product, which can be found in both short and long formats or those linked to the territory.