PDO Modena Balsamic Vinegar extra-aged 25 years


This traditional PDO Modena balsamic vinegar is made from cooked grape must that is aged through a slow acetification process resulting from natural fermentation and gradual concentration. The vinegar is aged for a very long period in a series of ‘vaselli’ (barrels) made of different kinds of wood and with no flavourings added. This is a unique product in the world of vinegar-based condiments and is produced exclusively in the province of Modena, from cooked grape must.


100 ml

Pieces per carton:


Brand: Acetaia Terre Nere

This family-run vinegar producer was founded out of a passion for the culinary art of Modena, and has always been committed to continuous research and meticulous attention to the quality of the raw ingredients. Acetaia Terre Nere products contain no added sulphites, preservatives, thickeners, colouring or acidity regulators: the only ingredients are wine vinegar, cooked must and the slow passing of time."