“Scelto” cooked ham Magnolia


This “scelto” cooked ham is made from local pork legs and tied entirely by hand.


9/10 kg

Pieces per carton:


Additional information

antioxidant (E316), leg of pork, natural flavorings, preservative (E250), salt, spices, sugar

Brand: Branchi Prosciutti

Fratelli Branchi, artisan ham producers in the area of Parma, produce cooked and smoked hams of excellent quality, recognised by high-profile restaurants. The quality is due to the careful selection of raw materials: pigs bred and butchered in Italy, in the area of the great Italian PDO prosciutti such as Parma and San Daniele. Cooked Italian ham, with its delicate aroma and perfect balance of fat and lean meat, is every bit as good as the best cured hams."