Capocollo is a dark red cold cut with white streaks of fat running through it. This particular characteristic of fat interspersed with lean meat makes this product smooth and flavoursome. Capocollo has a mild, delicate and slightly sweet flavour, and an unmistakeable aroma. The lean parts have an intense flavour, whilst the fat is milder.


1/2 kg

Pieces per carton:


Brand: Salumificio Mannori

Tuscany, a land of unrivalled beauty, is also famous for its culinary traditions and cured pork products. A passion for pig farming is what led Mario Mannori, at the end of the Second World War, to set up his butcher’s and meat processing business in Prato. The quality of the raw materials immediately influenced this company’s choices, and it only processes selected Italian stock, such as the top-quality Calvana breed of cattle, native to Tuscany and used to make bresaola and roast beef.