Mortadella tradizionale – 5/6 kg


Bidinelli mortadella is still made today according to the traditional recipe requiring the use of only a few ingredients, all naturally sourced:
– the main ingredient is fresh meat exclusively from pigs reared and butchered in Italy (ensuring complete control of the supply chain), mainly shoulder cuts
– the pig’s stomach is the ingredient that gives this product its characteristic flavour and texture
– the small white cubes of pork fat that appear in the slice are not from the back fat but from the throat, as this cut is more resistant to cooking
– green pistachio from Bronte PDO or truffle prepared from fresh, whole and not crumbled, for the two special versions
The mix contains absolutely no water or chemicals and loses 15% of its weight during cooking, resulting in a firm mortadella that is not greasy in the mouth. Bidinelli mortadella is hand-tied with string.


5/6 kg

Pieces per carton:


Organoleptic information

Delicate taste and intense aroma.

Brand: Mortadella Bidinelli

In a land of ancient rural tradition such as that of Bassa Reggiana, in the heart of Reggio Emilia, you will find the artisan producers Bidinelli, founded in 1949 and specialising in the finest Mortadella, popular throughout Italia, as well as other local cured meats such as Salame Rosa and Salame Lyon.